Rescue Your Morning Routine by Starting a Capsule Wardrobe

If you fall victim to a chaotic morning routine, trying outfit after outfit on from your bursting closet and hating everything you choose—a capsule wardrobe could significantly improve your routine while saving your sanity.

While many choose a capsule wardrobe to embrace a minimalist lifestyle, it is also a fantastic way to streamline your life. Contrary to common beliefs, a capsule wardrobe doesn’t have to be boring or riddled with tan, cream, gray, and black. You can enhance your basics by embracing boldness with color and pattern mix-ins, like great knit jackets that pair with everything.

resize jacket

When you start a capsule wardrobe, your first step should be a massive closet assessment. The EveryGirl blog recommends emptying your closet completely. Take everything out, pile it on your bed, and start separating items into three piles.

Pile 1:

I LOVE this item! It fits great; I feel empowered and confident in it, I can’t imagine losing it. You don’t have to, keep it and love it.

Pile 2:

You’re not quite in love, but something in you responds to the piece or clings to it for one reason or another. Store these items until you can reassess them with a clear mind, one that has adjusted to the style and ease of a capsule wardrobe—give it a few months

Pile 3:

You could throw it out without a second thought, it doesn’t fit correctly (or at all), you haven’t worn it in six months, it still has the tag on it, and you didn’t purchase it recently, it is suited to a style you don’t embrace, etc. This pile should be donated/sold/or traded if the piece is in good condition or tossed if it isn’t.

Creating a capsule wardrobe doesn’t have to be a spiritual awakening. If you can’t stand the thought of purging your items, store them and come back to them in a few months. For seasonal items that don’t work at the moment, store them in a different closet if you have room or under the bed with specialty storage.

Once your closet is cleaned and decluttered, replace the things you’ve decided to keep. The next step is a trial run, before buying anything new, choose 10 pieces to mix and match for 10 days of outfits. Keep in mind that the main idea behind a capsule wardrobe is utilizing items that mix with one another effortlessly. It also includes reimagining your style. For example, a black knit dress doesn’t have to be just a dress, add a cute top over or under it, dress it up with heels and jewelry, go bohemian with a sleek sandal and flowing kimono, or dress for the office in polished flats and a smart jacket. Every piece you own should heighten your style and mix with what you have.

Now that your wardrobe is scaled down and you’ve begun dressing with motive, you can continue to dress from the clothes you have and if you feel it’s necessary, you can shop for things that would improve your experience. If you choose to shop, do so with intention and purpose. Everything you own should be something you love, and you should be able to think of three ways to wear a new item before purchasing.

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